The relatively small foot-print of the CelTox Sampler allows it to be set up inside a chemical hood, on top of a laboratory bench or a cart. In all setups, the user must ensure that there is an exhaust vent nearby to safely exhaust the test atmosphere. In the event that an exhaust vent is not available, some type of pollutant control media should be used to avoid accidental exposure to the users in the lab. We offer a scrubber option in two sizes. Our scrubbers are filled with activated carbon filters. These scrubbers can be refilled with new filters as needed. It is important to note that users should adequately test these scrubbers with their test atmosphere independently to ensure that pollutant removal is adequate and to determine the operational life of the filters.

A vehicle control exposure is always recommended using clean, filtered air for comparison against the test atmosphere. Some labs might use a Zero Air gas cylinder, while others might have a clean, filtered house air that supplies the entire lab. If these are not an option, our scrubbers can be used at the inlet to generate a clean, filtered air source directly from your room air. Particle filters can be added into the scrubber to ensure both particulates and VOCs are being removed from the sampled. Additionally, the room air RH can also be removed to ensure a reproducible clean air source. Our scrubbers can also be turned into a Dual Scrubber/Dryer simply by filling the tube housing partially with activated carbon filters and the rest with silica beads.

Tube Fittings - Our scrubbers can be used in other setups and systems. The dryers can be customized with a variety of tube fittings easy integration into your experimental setups.

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