While relative humidity levels above 75% at ~37°C are necessary to maintain a viable environment for the cells during exposure, these high humidity levels pose several challenges to the experimental setup and equipment downstream of the exposure chamber. Operating under these relative humidity levels means the Dew Point is 33-34°C so any wetted surface that’s below that temperature will cause condensation. This condensation can accumulate fast and block the flow. For this reason, all the CelTox Sampler components and accessories are housed inside our Heated Enclosure. If any other equipment (e.g., Vacuum pump, Mass Flow Controllers, SMPS, etc.) is being used downstream, then that equipment runs the risk of failure or damage due to condensation. For this reason, the CelTox Sampler setup includes an in-line dryer downstream of the exposure chamber. Our dryers are filled with silica beads that change color as they absorb moisture. With our clear tube housing, the user can easily observe when the beads are saturated and require changing. The silica beads can be reactivated in an oven so they can be used again. We offer a standard dryer and a diffusion dyer. In the standard dryer, the sampled test atmosphere is directly touching the silica beads. In our diffusion dryer, the sampled test atmosphere does not touch the silica beads directly.

Our standard and diffusion dryers are designed specifically to accommodate the 2.0 L/min flow rate of the CelTox Sampler.  For higher flow rates, we offer a large volume standard and diffusion humidifier. If using a nebulizers or atomizer, for example, to generate an aerosol, our large volume diffusion humidifier can be used in the particle generation setup to dry the aerosol before delivering it to the CelTox Sampler.

Tube Fittings - Our dryers can be used in other setups and systems. The dryers can be customized with a variety of tube fittings easy integration into your experimental setups.

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